Dog Training Aids

Training dogs requires enough time and patience. The training process varies in every dog breed. To have a quick and effective training, use dog training aids in teaching dogs to obey basic commands. Dog training aid sytems come by many names and with various styles including basic dog collar, electronic dog collar, remote dog collar, tone collar, vibration collar, shock dog collar, beeper collar, bark collar (or no bark collars) and sporting collar. These type of remote dog training aids are the most popular and commonly used training collars for both amateur and professional dog trainers.

A dog training aid is a special type of device meant to be used in conjunction with an electronic training system to train a dog. These dog training aid systems work by transmitting a radio signal to the dog's skin. Upon receipt of the signal, the collar probes deliver a continuous or momentary (whichever you choose) electrical stimulus to the dog. The following remote dog training aids are used to teach dogs to obey commands and avoid undesirable behaviour.

The new UltraSmart dog training aids are the safest and most comprehensive training collars on the market. With their user friendly design a non-experienced trainer will look like an expert. The Innotek Ultra collars are the most recommended collar for home and field training. Purchase one today!

ULTRA Collar Features:

  • Premium Ultra collars are contoured to fit your dog's neck
  • Sure Fit Self Diagnostics tell you whether the collar is fit properly
  • Self diagnostics tell you whether the collar is receiving properly.
  • Lithium Ion, rechargable battery has 3 times the life and charge of older nickle-metal hydride batteries with no memory build up.
  • Lithium ion batteries recharge in 1-2 hours.
  • DELUXE Remote Trainer Features:

  • NiMH Collar Battery - never buy batteries again!
  • Light Weight Receiver weighs only 2.5 oz.
  • Small - Large Dogs.

  • Basic Training is something that all dogs need. All dogs form habits, some good and some bad. Help a dog understand what is good behavior and what is not. Basic dog training aid systems provide you the ability to make sure your pet is a model family member and a model citizen in your community.

    PetSafe PUPT-100 Sonic Dog Trainer

    PetSafe PVPP-300 Vibrating Training Collar

    Multivet Spray Commander

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